Insist on fitness is “going against the sky”? 3 steps to teach you to develop the habit of continuous fitness

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  People are constant, but at the same time they are inert. A person can do the same job for ten years, because the habit becomes natural, provided that he does not hate the job. But when a person is doing a job that he doesn’t like, as long as he stops working for a period of time, it is difficult for him to pick up the job again. This is the so-called inertia. In fact, fitness training is such an unpleasant thing.

  However, what we see is that more and more people are starting to exercise. Why use the word “Evenly”? Because fitness is very hard, and every step requires great effort and sweat. Once people start to exercise, they must change the past rhythm of life and most of their habits, including diet, work and rest, and even sacrificing free time, and these are only secondary. Therefore, there are often sayings on the Internet that fitness is going against the sky, because fitness does have a taste of “nothing to look for abuse”.

  So, is it to insist on fitness to “go against the sky”? I want to say that even if it’s not that difficult, it’s almost the same. After all, for current humans, human nature is difficult to control. However, the following 3 steps can teach you to develop the habit of continuous fitness, which is precisely the use of human nature.

  1, use one’s own endocrine

  Fitness training is so difficult, but there are also many people who maintain fitness habits for a long time. Why? Not because of the high-sounding words of perseverance and perseverance. It relies largely on our own endocrine, a hormone called endorphins, which is produced when people start to exercise or exercise. Its function is mainly to relieve pain, but it can also make people feel immediate pleasure. At the same time, a series of hormones such as dopamine will be produced in the process of fitness. These will have a positive impact on the human brain and emotions. Over time, it will form a “illusion” of happiness as long as you exercise. In fact, this is one of the legendary reasons why fitness can make people addicted.

  2. Find the meaning of fitness

  To be honest, it is still difficult for most people to do the first step, because the first step is based on continuous training. There are thresholds for the production of endorphins and dopamine, and long-term strength training is required for bodybuilders. So just look at our second step, the front and back are complementary.

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  I believe that many people rarely go to the gym after applying for a fitness card. This is because they don’t know the meaning of fitness. How to find the meaning of fitness? First, we must establish the goal of fitness, and then work towards this goal. Maintaining enthusiasm for goals is to find the root of fitness. There is a simple and effective method to record. Take pictures and take notes on your mobile phone to record your muscle changes and weight changes. At the same time, I share my achievements with others, and when I encounter bottlenecks, I can look back and see the changes along the way. These are all evidence of hard work. In this way, you will gradually find the meaning and fun of fitness, thereby forming the habit of continuous fitness.

  3, give yourself rewards

  The third step is simpler and more rude than the previous two steps. Through a self-designed reward mechanism, you can keep your fitness to the end. Changing the body shape through fitness is the best reward for continuous fitness, but it takes a relatively long period of time to trigger this reward mechanism. This requires bodybuilders to set up some short-term substantive rewards to assist in achieving this long-term goal. The stimulation of these short-term benefits can be a sumptuous meal, a hearty game, an object that has been planted for a long time. Reward yourself for every week of fitness. If things go on like this, you will gradually develop the habit of continuous fitness.

  What do you think do you rely on for keeping fit?

At the same time, how big is the muscle gap between a person who practices with bare hands for 3 months and a person who practices for 1 month?
Fitness and shaping must take health as the premise, and make the body stronger through long-term exercise.

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