At the same time, how big is the muscle gap between a person who practices with bare hands for 3 months and a person who practices for 1 month?

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  Some people say that gym equipment training is a way of exercise that is not conducive to health, and physical fitness is the way to fit healthy exercise. The author would like to say that such remarks are just a family statement. They are too one-sided. It is a personal choice to like to exercise by hand. It cannot be used as a mainstream judgment standard, let alone depress the choices of others to emphasize the correctness of your own choices.

  The current fitness circle has two fields, one is the seemingly niche calisthenics group, and the other is the more mainstream gym equipment group. They seem to be two different sports, but they are both in the same circle and belong to resistance training. Even so, the two are often overlooked by each other. The cause of disagreement is the difference in muscles. So, if two people work out at the same time, what is the difference in muscles between a person who exercises with bare hands for 3 months and a person who exercises for 1 month?

  1. The gap in muscle gain efficiency

  Those who have been practicing bare-handed fitness for 3 months will inevitably change their muscles, but they are not obvious, and the muscle growth efficiency is relatively slow. Because bare-handed fitness has limitations, although the threshold is low, there is limited room for improvement. For example, doing push-ups, doing 100 a day for the first month, the muscles have been initially strengthened, but at the same time muscle memory is also produced. If you want new muscle breakthroughs, you can only increase the training intensity on the basis of 100 push-ups, and then double or more, and so on, otherwise the muscle gain will stagnate. This is the limitation of self-weight training.

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  People who practiced in the gym for 1 month with equipment, although they only practiced for 1 month, the final muscle effect was much thicker than those who practiced with bare hands for 3 months. The reason is that the equipment training is more flexible. When the muscles are used to a certain weight, the bodybuilder can increase the weight of the equipment, give the muscles new stimulation, and promote the muscles to be further strengthened. This training method is more in line with the requirements of muscle growth and muscle strength improvement, so the efficiency of muscle gain will be relatively high.

  2. The gap in muscle growth space

  From a long-term perspective, people who go to the gym for machine training have more room for muscle growth. Regardless of whether you practice bare-handed for 3 months or on equipment for 1 month, after all, most people exercise for muscle gain. What we have seen is that the overall muscular circumference of the equipment-trained people is larger than that of the bare-handed people, and the gap in the space for muscle growth is self-evident. Although they are all strength training, but the methods are different, the final result will have a gap. Therefore, people who want to develop big muscles still choose equipment training.

  3. Differences in muscle properties

  Because of the different training methods, the muscle properties of the two are also different. People who practice bare-handed for 3 months, although the muscle growth is somewhat unsatisfactory, but in terms of the core strength and muscle endurance of the body, there is an improvement that cannot be achieved by 1 month of equipment training. I believe many people have heard the saying that the big guys trained in the gym are “dead muscles”. Not surprisingly, in terms of muscle flexibility, equipment exercisers are weaker than bare-hand exercisers. But in contrast, the absolute strength of the equipment trainer is stronger than that of the bare-hand exerciser.

  In contrast, people nowadays pay more attention to efficiency, and the same is true for fitness training. Whether it is bare hands or equipment, anyone wants to train the most satisfactory muscle effect in the shortest time. It is the purpose of these bodybuilders to make the muscles as obvious and strong as possible. Of course, not all bodybuilders aspire to have a fat muscular body, it depends on how the individual chooses. So, do you think physical fitness is better or equipment training is better?

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