How to create the shoulder curve? Stick to this set of movements and feel the stretch of the muscles

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  Creating charming shoulders has become a trend. How to have enviable right-angled shoulders?

  1. The deltoid muscle plays a decisive role

  In addition, the development of the deltoid muscle not only has a very important effect on the appearance, but also plays an important role in function. For example, in the chest training process, the deltoid muscle can work hard together with the chest muscles to improve the efficiency of chest training. In the process of back training, the deltoid muscle participates again, which can improve the efficiency of back training.

  2. Pay attention to deltoid muscle training

  Therefore, both in appearance and function, we must pay attention to the training of the deltoid muscle. Then, in the deltoid muscle training process, in order to improve the overall training efficiency, it is important to understand the structure of the deltoid muscle. Because only when you know the target of each training action and their exact location, can you feel the contraction and stretching of the target muscle during the training process.

  3. About the structure of the deltoid muscle

  From the structure of the deltoid muscle, it is divided into three parts: the front, the middle and the back. From the three-part development map, the front is the most developed, the development of the middle directly determines the generosity of the shoulders, and the back is the weakest. Therefore, in the specific training process, we should prepare specific exercise training based on the structure of the deltoid muscle and the development of other parts of the deltoid muscle.

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  Insist on performing these shoulder movements to make the muscles feel the maximum stretch

  1. Choose actions according to your own situation

  In the selection of training exercises, we can refer to the following 5 exercises, but they are not required to be followed. Everyone’s training purpose and deltoid muscle development are different. We need to choose the action that suits us according to our actual situation, and make adjustments during the exercise.

  2. Decomposition of shoulder movement

  Action 1: One-armed Arnold referral

  First, we need to sit on a stool, kneel on the ground, step on both feet on the ground, straighten the back, tighten the core strength, grasp the dumbbells with both hands, lift them to the shoulders, palms facing themselves, and extend both arms outward , But put it in front of the body. At this time, you need to stabilize your body, straighten your back, keep one arm still, push up the other arm by the deltoid muscle, push the dumbbell up, straighten the arm, bend the elbow slightly, and rotate the wrist to the hand while pushing Palm it forward. Stop slightly at the top of the action, feel the deltoid muscle contraction, and then actively adjust the speed, slowly returning to the opposite direction. After we complete the action on one side, we switch to the other side and complete the action.

  Motion 2: Sitting with dumbbells and rowing with elbows (Target: tied after deltoid muscle)

  This action requires us to sit on a stool, kneel with two legs, straighten our feet, tighten our back muscles, lean forward to the top of the action, hold dumbbells in both hands on one side of the body, palms facing ourselves. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, push your shoulders toward the back, bend your arms to your elbows, make the dumbbell torso angle slightly less than 90 degrees, and lift the dumbbell. Stop temporarily at the top of the action, feel the contraction behind the shoulders, actively adjust the speed, slowly recover, and feel the stretch behind the shoulders.

  Motion 3: Seated dumbbell lateral lift (target: tied in the deltoid muscle)

  Keep sitting, step on the floor, straighten your back, tighten your core strength, sink your shoulders, hold the dumbbells with your hands, hang one side of your body, palms facing each other, and lean your upper body slightly forward. Stabilize your body, tighten your core strength, bend your elbows slightly, and force your deltoid muscles to lift your arms sideways. Please pay attention to make the big arm reach the height of the shoulder, temporarily stop for a few seconds, feel the binding and contraction of the deltoid muscle, actively adjust the speed, slowly recover, and don’t let the arm fall freely.

  3. Points to note when doing movements

  We need to warm up before the start of training, activate the target muscles, ensure the quality of the movements during the formal training process, pay attention to the details of the movements, and focus on the contraction and stretching of the target muscles during each movement. Each movement is effective. Choose a small weight, and then choose an action according to your actual situation.

  Conclusion: To create a more perfect shoulder curve, we need to exercise more and develop attractive muscles. Having straight shoulders can not only improve our posture, but also make us look better. Combining the training method that suits you, I believe everyone can develop into a good body that satisfies them.

Strength training is what we need to pay attention to. Stick to this set of movements to get a healthy and good figure.
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