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  Nowadays, we can always receive a lot of health-related information, but sometimes it is better to use this information to examine the scientific theory behind it. You can see the latest news in the field of health and fitness science on our website and apply the newly discovered knowledge to your life.

  This time, we will study how to retain hard-won muscle mass as we age, and whether playing with mobile phones during meals affects food intake. Finally, we will study the recent hot topics, that is, is exercise really harmful to the immune system, and what is the relationship between exercise and immunity?

  Now you may have a clear understanding of the key role of protein in muscle exercise, but what you may not know is that according to the latest research, as we age, we need to ensure that we can get enough protein a day. Because age affects muscle growth.

  Scientists studied the protein intake of young, middle-aged, and elderly people, including the source of protein intake, the frequency and amount of protein intake per day. They found that older people need to eat more protein to see the same muscle-building effect, and they need to supplement protein alone throughout the day.

  They also found that if the person also exercises regularly, the muscles will make better use of the protein they added. Although this study only investigated a few people for a short period of time, it shows that if you want to maintain muscle, you may need to increase your protein intake as you age.

  Does playing with mobile phones affect appetite?

  Always look at the phone when eating? The next study may provide answers to your appetite control.

  According to the latest study of 119 young people, playing simple computer games during the 15-minute meal time may mean that the meal time is greatly reduced.

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  Participants measured their food consumption in two different meals, it was a video game, and the other was concentration. But the games they play are actually to test memory and sustained visual attention, so they need a lot of attention. This may mean that Weibo or watching TV will have a different effect on food intake.

  Does exercise affect immunity?

  Worried that long-term exercise will weaken your immune system? Don’t worry, research on exercise and its impact on the immune system shows that exercise can actually improve the function of the immune system during a lifetime.

  According to this study, people have long believed that strenuous exercise may have short-term adverse effects on the immune system, and there is insufficient evidence to support this. If you feel tired or unwell, you should not force your body too much, but do your best to prevent the immune system from being negatively affected.

  This week, we found that as you get older, you may need to reassess your protein intake; good distraction may help reduce your food intake; don’t worry about the effects of moderate exercise on your immunity Negative Effects.