Can your fitness ring detect that you are sick?

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  Just imagine, if our watch can tell us if we have the flu, wouldn’t it be very useful? Maybe technology can do it now.

  Fitness bracelets can detect and record some specific symptoms, and data collected from a large number of people can provide some very important information for people to fight the virus. So how does the fitness ring work? let us see.

  the study

  Researchers looked at the data of 200,000 Fitbit wearers in the past two years, which is a large amount of data. They then compared these data with the weekly flu prevalence estimates reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Specifically, the researchers compared increased heart rate and sleep levels with reports of flu symptoms.

  We know that influenza infection can increase resting heart rate and disrupt sleep patterns, such as nasal congestion, poor sleep quality, and difficulty falling asleep.

  Therefore, it is meaningful to study the heart rate and sleep status of Fitbit wearers. It can help us track diseases and take measures to prevent the spread of diseases. In fact, by focusing on resting heart rate and sleep levels, this study has greatly improved flu predictions in five states in the United States.

  What does this research mean to us?

  Although this data study is used to observe the health of the entire population, for individuals, wearing a fitness bracelet can help you notice subtle differences in resting heart rate and sleep patterns, which may indicate signs of illness. Although a sports ring cannot prevent you from getting sick, it can make you aware of your health problems and take action to prevent the spread of diseases to others.

  In addition to illness, there are other reasons that can cause elevated resting heart rate or lack of sleep, such as stress or even hangovers. Therefore, when you see these data every day, don’t feel too stressed, and don’t worry too much.

  By consulting the data of a large number of fitness watch wearers, it can provide some useful information for relevant departments to understand the origin of the disease and even know where to take measures to prevent the spread of the disease. After infection, people can also see changes in their resting heart rate or sleep patterns through the fitness ring, but they may also be affected by factors such as lifestyle. In the past, we may not have thought that the fitness ring has such an important function.

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