Some tips to make you fall in love with hip and leg training days.

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   Recall the scene at the end of each buttocks and leg training. It can be said to be painful and happy. It is very fulfilling. Leg exercises require some big muscles and a lot of exercise, which is definitely a particularly hard exercise.

   Buttocks and legs training not only exercises the largest muscles, but also poses a challenge to the central nervous system, because this compound exercise involves different muscle groups. No wonder many people like and hate “buttocks and legs”. If you want to be lazy, it is difficult to convince yourself to finish the sport.

   The following article will share some tips to make it easier for you to motivate you to do high-quality leg exercises and fall in love with hip and leg training days!

  #1 Scatter a few days of training

   The first step is controversial. Some people say that the leg muscles should be fully exercised on the same day. We think that you can certainly do overnight exercise on the same day, but you can also choose to exercise separately.

  The three main muscles of leg movement are the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, and in some cases the gluteal muscles. The quadriceps exercise can also fully exercise the gluteal muscles, so some exercises cannot take out the gluteal muscles alone. You can adjust them according to your body or goals.

   Within a week, quadriceps, leg muscles and calves can be exercised separately, such as shoulder and quadriceps training, back and hamstring training, chest and calf training. If you only exercise three days a week, you can exercise your legs every day. However, other parts of the body can rest because they only exercise certain muscle groups in the legs every day.

   Does this sound as painful as leg exercises? Exercise is more efficient because you do less exercise every day. In addition, since only a portion of the muscle groups are targeted every day, you can better focus on effectively exercising the target muscles.

  #2 Find a way to enjoy buttocks and legs

   If you don’t like sports, you may fall into a vicious circle. The less you like it, the worse it will be. If you change your mind and enjoy the process, it will be more helpful to stimulate motivation. If we maintain a positive attitude throughout the process, we can maintain better focus and energy.

So, how can we feel the feeling of enjoying hip and leg exercises? This feeling varies from person to person, such as wearing shorts when practicing, so that you can better see your body and cheer yourself up; or reduce Exercise frequency, increase weight, or increase exercise, reduce weight, and make some changes to reduce the boring degree of exercise.

   Another good way is to exercise with friends. These two people can motivate each other and reduce frustration. Of course, if none of these work, then you’d better exercise your legs before cheating, and then you can reward yourself with hot pot or ice cream. Will I be more motivated after doing hip and leg exercises?

  3 some carbohydrates before exercise

   Of course, it is normal for some people to supplement carbohydrates before exercising on their hips and legs, but many people eat low-carb water during weight loss and do not deliberately supplement them before exercising.

   However, if you find that the buttocks and legs are particularly difficult, you’d better add more energy before exercise to make the exercise more effective and easier. MyProtein provides some good options, and a cup of coffee can help you to a certain extent.

  #4 Reasonable arrangement

   Put your hips and legs on the first day of a week’s training, because you are always full of energy and motivation. Usually after a week of training, if you feel tired, you may easily give up training for the hips and legs. Bite off the hard bones for the first time and hit your hips and legs on the first day of the week. This will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but it will also make it easier for you to complete your exercise program psychologically.

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   Similarly, do leg exercises early in the day. Some studies have found that bodyweight exercises late in the evening or a few hours before going to bed work best, because subsequent sleep means that the body begins to repair muscles quickly after hypoxic exercise. In other words, we don’t have to be so strict. If morning exercise can ensure that you can really complete the day’s exercise, then it is worth doing hip and leg exercise in the morning. In addition, this can also encourage yourself to go to bed earlier, get up early, and exercise.

   In short, hips and legs should be the most important day. The main source of physical strength is the lower body, and the best way to stimulate the growth of physical strength is through the legs. You will find that the strength of the legs also increases the strength of the upper body, not the other way around.

   Of course, everyone is different. Some people are born with strong lower limbs, so they can do more exercises for the upper body. For most people, pay attention to the hips and legs and learn to enjoy it!

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