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When I have an electric mixer water bottle, I don’t need to shake any powder by hand. This is very. I can automatically stir at the push of a button. This electric blender water bottle is rechargeable. It can also be used when there is no electricity. Strong stirring force, low noise and easy cleaning.

Protein powder and various powders are easy to mix well. Don’t worry about clumping. Stir evenly and carefully. I love this protein shake bottle. Great for sports!

Some time ago, I started using the portable mixing bottle recommended by my girlfriend. Really useful. Now I just love this protein shake water bottle. I never leave my hands! Can’t help Anli.

Voltrx’s protein shake mixing bottle has a capacity of 600ml, which can fully meet the needs of daily life. The shaker bottle electric also has a thoughtful scale design and stirring function. Suitable for making milk tea, coffee, meal shakes!

The sports shaker also adopts the design of a large electric protein bottle mouth, which is also very convenient to clean. Moreover, the battery life is also very strong. It can be used for 1 hour at a time. I usually charge it once a month!

I started with his blue shaker ice bottle. And the color and shape are very advanced. It feels great to hold in your hand.

Happiness in life sometimes requires only a simple step, such as:

This voltrx blender bottle. From now on, you can finally get rid of the trouble of clumping and uneven mixing of foam powder!

At first glance, I was attracted by the beauty of the vortex bottle. It has a streamlined shape and a large capacity of 600ml. Comfortable to carry and won’t slip. It is very convenient to carry.

——, Mixed cereal for breakfast, coffee before work, milk tea after afternoon tea, protein powder after Yun Gong party. Don’t rush to add powder or water. Hot water or cold water? How to wash and stir without clumping? Haha, are you upset when you hear this? Use the voltrx to stir the protein shaker electric, just press the button, milkshake, coffee, cereal, milk tea can be easily done, cold water stirring without pressure!

Super convenient VOLTRX protein shaker
Did you know that protein shakers can make different protein shakes?

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