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I personally like to drink water. I can eat less rice. I must drink more water. Also, I have dry skin, so I pay special attention to hydration. Two days ago, we started an electric shaker bottle – the voltrx electric blender bottle.

Electric blender water bottles are available in a variety of colors. I chose lime orange because I think this color is especially suitable for spring and summer. I feel that the voltrx electric mixer cup can be used as a photo artifact, whether it is a picnic prop or a street shooting accessory, it is quite eye-catching.

Because the small mixing bottle is a diamond cut bottle, it is very dazzling in the sun!

Shake the ice bottle Press the base button and the protein shake mixing bottle will glow. Then it will turn on one-click blending mode. I usually take out a milkshake or goat milk powder. After about 30 seconds, the stirring is basically completed, and the whole is relatively uniform. Use the last button to open the voltrx shaker cup, the switch button on the top of the protein mixer is OK!

Shake the lid latch of the shaker bottle, and the sealing performance is strong. I tried shaking it a few times and no drips came out. After drinking, remove the base and press twice to turn on the automatic cleaning mode. Convenience is because I’m lazy.

It is recommended that everyone have a cut protein shaker. Don’t underestimate this simple blender water bottle. The protein powder shaker can be stirred automatically. Mixed my soy milk powder and protein powder well.

Have you ever used the uniquely designed VOLTRX shaker?
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