Pre-run stretching is essential

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  Pre-run warm-up and post-run muscle relaxation is an indispensable part of a complete training session, and is also a standard for a mature runner.

  Adequate, intense pre-run cooldown can effectively raise body temperature to increase heat dissipation, reduce the inertia of internal organs, improve running economy, and thus achieve better sports performance.

  Likewise deep and thorough muscle relaxation after running can help reduce muscle tension, promote fatigue recovery and prevent injury.

  From the perspective of training, the improvement of athletic ability is a: training – fatigue – recovery, then training – then fatigue – then recovery process, without adequate recovery, there is no athletic ability to improve.

  Obviously the recovery after exercise is as important as training, recovery is a continuation of training, not optional.

  Stretching is the basic means of relaxation after training for runners, but a single stretching means is not able to effectively, deeply and fully relax the muscles, you need a more diverse, rich and comprehensive recovery.

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