What are the benefits of climbing the stairs

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  Climbing stairs is now less common with most people, and many people only climb stairs when the elevator is out of power. They feel that climbing stairs is a very tiring thing and not good for the body. But some people also say that climbing stairs is very exercise.

  Stair climbing is good for exercise

  Stair climbing is a healthy aerobic exercise, can speed up blood circulation, promote body metabolism, enhance physical fitness, often climbing stairs to exercise the body is a great benefit. However, if excessive stair climbing can also hurt the knees, so stair climbing exercise must be controlled, if there is arthritis or overweight people, it is best not to climb the stairs to exercise.

  What are the benefits of climbing stairs

  Increase the maximum oxygen carrying capacity by 17%

  One of the most significant indicators of cardiovascular function is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can carry during high-intensity exercise. It is also the dividing line between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Running stairs tests the body’s cardiovascular system, prompting the heart muscles to improve the efficiency of oxygen intake from the blood, and also improves lung capacity so that more oxygen is taken in with each breath during exercise.

  Lower resting heart rate

  In addition to improving cardiovascular health, by running stairs for fitness, you will also find that your static heart rate is subsequently reduced. A physically fit person can have a heart rate of about 60 in a static situation. By exercising, the heart drums up more blood circulation with a single beat.

  Heart disease incidence is reduced by 25%

  When performing high-intensity interval exercise, the rate at which the heart returns to normal, or the heart rate recovery rate, can be increased if the interval rest periods are set properly. This indicator measures how much the heart rate drops in the first minute after exercise stops, and the better the body, the shorter the time it takes for the heart rate to return to normal after exercise and fitness, and the 25% reduction in the incidence of heart disease.

What are the benefits of climbing the stairs
Pre-run stretching is essential

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