Powerful protein shaker, a must-have for fitness

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Amazing electric shaker bottle! Powerful, easy to clean and durable. I have another brand of mixer, but it failed after 4 months. This protein shaker bottle has been very strong for a long time!

It is definitely an excellent portable mixer. A single charge lasts for several weeks and is ideal for anything that is easy to separate (exercise before ignition, etc.). Also very suitable for mixed protein powder (not like other blenders to produce a huge bubble head).

If you think you’ll like this mixer, please don’t hesitate… You’ll like it!

I like this product because the shake bottle mixer is easy, but my only complaint is that I wish the electric shaker was bigger, even though he already has 24oz.

I either use very thick protein, or it has nothing to do with the amount I use. I used 3-4 tablespoons of protein powder, so blender cups may just be me, but my problem is that the powder will eventually accumulate on both sides and will not mix. This is a smaller bottle, so if you’re not going to make a big milkshake, this bottle is for you. The size of the glass protein shaker cup is very powerful. It looks durable and easy to clean, so this is a great advantage.

Have you ever used such a good protein shaker?
A versatile protein shaker that’s super easy to use

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