A versatile protein shaker that’s super easy to use

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I like this protein powder shaker! Perfect blend of all my power drinks! Battery life seems to last for some time! I recommend this to anyone looking for a drink cup for power drinks / protein drinks. Do not use for frozen fruit / ice. Leave the electric shake bottle to the blender. Drink only powdered drinks and slowly add the powder when mixing to ensure that it is not overused.

Take this protein shaker cup to the gym and exercise between weightlifting and aerobic exercise. Put the electric shaker bottle in my locker. Wow, great.

I took the chance of random color and got an all red one. This is my favorite color, so I’m very happy! The mixing bottle is really an invincible part. The electric shaker mixer is everything I need. I do have a bottle of protein shake blender bottle without ring that I bought elsewhere, so this is an additional benefit. My key is directly clamped on the electric shaker cup.

I like the color of the protein shake bottle. I gave the blue one to my son. He likes protein shaker bottle. He can have a drink on his desk without worrying about overturning and spilling the electric bottle shaker. Have a good grasp of electric blender bottle. I only wash my bottles by hand, so shaker protein bottles can last longer and become cleaner. I will buy it again. I may buy two more because the best blender botles are very durable.

Powerful protein shaker, a must-have for fitness
The VOLTRX electric shaker works surprisingly well

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