Have you ever used such a good protein shaker?

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These are the shaker protein bottle I found most suitable for drinking powdered milkshakes.

Professional tip #1:

before pouring the powder, add a few ounces of water into the cup – so that the powder will not stick to the bottom, but mix cleanly in the cup.

Professional tip #2:

wash protein shaker bottle: fill half with hot water and add soap to clean it.

I like electric shaker bottle. They are the best. It’s perfect for mixing protein drinks at breakfast or taking some soy powder on the road. I have several protein mixer bottles of different sizes. It’s easy to mix, easy to clean, and I don’t have any leakage problems.

I like the vortex blender bottle of this brand. Protein shake mixer is always leak proof, durable, easy to use, and the mixing ball is great! Other brands use plastic mixing balls, which will eventually be stained with protein powder and anything else you’re mixing.

I’m very satisfied with these blender bottles. The lid is tight enough that I can throw the protein bottle into my bag without worrying that the protein shake will leak onto my things. Easy cleaning in the dishwasher without any problems. Electric protein bottle is very suitable for my car cup holder.

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