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  Xiaoyanfei is a very effective action, I believe some people are still familiar with it. If you often do Xiaoyanfei, it can bring a lot of benefits to your body, such as exercising waist, abdomen, back, buttocks, etc., but small Yan Fei is also particular about it. How much do ordinary people do as Xiaoyanfei in a day to be effective? Let’s take a look at it with the editor below.

  Xiaoyanfei has to do as many times a day to be effective

  Generally speaking, if Xiaoyanfei completes 50 movements a day, he can achieve a better fitness effect. When doing the Xiaoyanfei movement, we need to lie on the yoga mat first, let our head lean back, as far back as possible, while our legs are opened and upturned, in this way, our body It becomes an action like a swallow opening and taking off. This is also the origin of the name of Xiao Yanfei’s action. When our body forms a two-headed movement, we can relax and let our body lie down and start the movement again.

  Where does Xiao Yanfei exercise?

  Xiaoyanfei movement is a comprehensive training movement for a person to exercise our waist, abdomen, back, buttocks, neck and legs. Although this action is relatively simple, the effect of the exercise is also very good. We can exercise well to these parts during the exercise. In addition, Xiaoyanfei’s action has a high safety factor and is suitable for a wide range of people, so this action is becoming more and more popular.

  Xiaoyanfei standard action

  First straighten our legs, lie on the ground to relax our body, keep our legs still, use both hands to hug our head and lean back, let our body form a feeling, like the action of a bird taking off. Keep this action still for 40 seconds, then relax in place for 20 seconds, then restart this action, you can complete three sets a day.