Nine fitness training tips

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  One, train with more multi-joint compound movements, such as: deep squats, hard pulls, bench presses, pull-ups, etc.

  Two, unless you have unlimited training time, please avoid individual single sex training and weight-bearing exercises involving only one joint, such as biceps curls.

  Use short set intervals (30 to 60 seconds) to stimulate a maximal growth hormone response.

  IV. Vary the weights and rest periods to make it easier for the body to adapt to the new stimulus.

  Fifth, to quickly achieve a low-fat body shape, ensure that you can regularly perform 3-4 fitness exercises per week, and each time to maintain an hour of serious training in.

  Six, 2 times a week low intensity long time cardio, 30-45 minutes jogging, jump rope can be, 2 times high intensity interval training, such as sprinting, or any other method, the time 15-20 minutes.

  Seven, in daily life to stay active and more activities.

  During the day often walk fast, often take the stairs, park your car in the farthest part of the parking lot, or do some physical work by yourself such as housework, from the smallest aspects of life to improve.

  Eight, use the time to watch TV, relax the body, do not just sit in front of the screen: such as stretching, rolling foam rollers, etc.

  Nine, redouble your efforts, if you do not get the expected results, on behalf of your efforts are not enough.

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