High pull-down can not feel the back power?

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  High pull down is a very classic movement, it can help us shape a strong back muscle group.

  But many people in the high pull-down will appear back muscles do not feel the phenomenon of too much force arm. A big reason for this is because the movement pattern is wrong, especially the scapula can not be properly recovered down.

  When you can’t start the scapula properly, your back muscles won’t be better involved in the movement, and the arm muscles will be the opposite.

  Correct power sequence.

  You should do a good scapular sinking before starting → then big arm inward retraction (extension) → follow the trend of elbow flexion to pull up the weight

  The action is as follows.

  Grab the bar with both hands, arms straight, natural scapular up, feel the shoulder is about to touch the ear, and then start the back muscles (latissimus dorsi, lower trapezius) so that the scapulae under the gyration, sink. Use the movement of the scapula to drive the load.

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  Once you are familiar with the movement of the scapula, then add the arm pull to make your pull down more fluid.

  Points to note.

  1. Drive your shoulders down during the initial phase of the movement.

  2, then immediately focus on your elbow area, so that the elbow and shoulder in line with the back of the movement.

  3, large arm efforts close to the torso, squeeze the back muscles.

  Note that the elbows immediately after the shoulders to follow, your palms should feel like a hook just hanging on it. In the action of restoration is to maintain tension in the latissimus dorsi, controlled playback, rather than a completely relaxed state of restoration.

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