These movements are worth practicing over and over again, and a good body is just around the corner

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  Generally a part can have a lot of action training to, but the following selection of seven golden movements, it is recommended that you must arrange to your daily training program, because they really can not be replaced!

  One, squat

  Exercise legs, buttocks muscle ace action, while also mobilizing a multi-part muscle force, the same effect on fat loss. The squats mentioned here are not limited to doing barbell weighted squats in the gym, you can also choose unarmed squats and so on.

  Two, hard pull

  The hard pull can be said to rival the deep squat, not only bombard your back, strengthen the core muscles, the training produces the largest amount of androgens, but also other training movements can not be compared. Androgens create an environment conducive to muscle growth, which improves upper and lower body strength. Of course it can also promote your libido.

  Three, bench press

  It can be said that almost all fitness beginners start with the bench press, which is also one of the most basic movements of upper body strength training. To train a stylish pectoral muscles, with the bench press this action absolutely bar drop.

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  Four, push-up

  The basic movement of deltoid exercise, often using large weights, the deltoid muscle in the bundle of great stimulation. Want to train a stylish shoulder, push-ups can be said to be the best action.

  Practitioners sit on a bench with a straight back, grip dumbbells in the front hand to both sides of the shoulders, palms forward. Inhale during the movement, push the dumbbells vertically upward, exhale when the movement is complete, and repeat. The exercise can be done in a seated or standing position.

  Five, the prone rowing

  General refers to the flexion of the legs hard pull, pay attention not to arch the back, and carefully feel the force of the back. Feet stand in a figure of eight, the barbell put in front of the body, bend knees and bend over, hands are holding the barbell, grip distance about shoulder width or wide shoulder, head slightly raised, chest waist and back tense, buttocks, the upper body leaned forward about 45 degrees. Leg muscles forcefully extend the knee to lift the bell, a short pause.

  Then bend the knee slowly down to restore. To improve the exercise effect, bend the knees to lower the barbell without letting it touch the ground when pulled to the highest point, shoulders as far as possible to abduct, head up and chest up, pause for 3 seconds. Return to the original, repeat.

  Six, pull-ups

  Back exercise is the most basic, but also the most convenient action. Self-weight pull-ups can not do when, may be the first from the borrowed force to start. Both hands with a wide grip (palm forward) bar, slightly wider than the shoulders, both feet off the ground, both arms naturally hanging straight.

  Use the contraction force of the latissimus dorsi muscles to pull the body upward, pause when the chin exceeds the bar, and rest for a second to make the latissimus dorsi muscles contract completely. Then gradually relax the latissimus dorsi and let the body descend until it is completely down, then repeat. You can bend your knees, cross your calves backwards, and lean your body back slightly to better exercise your back muscles.

  Seven, straight-legged hard pull

  Straight leg hard pull can be a good exercise for the rear thigh posterior femoral muscle group, there is a saying that if your rear thigh is not strong enough, then you can not experience the maximum squat weight. This shows the importance of strengthening the posterior femoral muscle group with straight legged hard pulls.

High pull-down can not feel the back power?
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