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  Shaker bottles have become a popular and convenient way to meet your caloric and nutritional needs anytime, anywhere. They are especially great for those who need instant nutrition and hydration. Shaker bottle can be used to make shakes, healthy shakes, meal replacement shakes and protein shakes without the need for a bulky blender. Their innovative and clever design helps to efficiently mix powders and liquids without clumping. They give you the flexibility to take your own drinks to the gym, office or park. They are leak-proof, so you won’t spill and make a mess. Most shaker bottles are compact enough to fit in standard cup holders found in most gym bags, backpacks and car and fitness equipment.

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  There are a variety of protein shaker bottle on the market, but I think the Voltrx Electric Shaker is my favorite. It has all the features of a shaker and is reasonably priced. If you need a blender cups, I suggest you go with the Voltrx .

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