Introduction to the five basic movements of kettlebells

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  The five basic movements of the kettlebell are the kettlebell squat, push-up high pull, line press, one-leg deadlift and anti-gravity deadlift. When doing squats, keep your feet apart and hold the kettlebell deeply. Squatting, and when performing online press, mainly pull down the kettlebell until the elbows and knees are gradually approaching, so as to repeat the movement.

  The five basic movements of kettlebells

  Kettlebell is a common fitness equipment. The first action is a kettlebell squat. Hold the handle of the kettlebell and squat with your feet open until your hips are parallel to the inner sides of your knees and elbows. After standing up, the second action is push-ups and high pulls, mainly to exercise the muscle strength of the legs and biceps.

  Mainly keep the person lying flat, and then hold the kettlebell with both hands, press up and down, keep the kettlebell down to the position of the chin, and repeat the action. The third is the online press, which is mainly to press the hands. After pressing the kettlebell, close to your chest and squat your feet until your elbows are close to your knees.

  The fourth type is single-leg deadlift. This action is mainly to strengthen the back and biceps. The left leg is bent into a bow shape, and then the hind leg is pushed back, the heel is pressed against the ground, and the kettlebell is held and the hip is pulled down vertically. Position, and then return to the original position. The fifth is the anti-gravity deadlift. After holding the kettlebell, separate your feet and shoulders slightly, and pull the kettlebell back alternately.

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