Deltoid muscle posterior beam training exercises

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  The rear deltoid beam training includes the equipment direction bird, seated dumbbell rowing, and rope back shoulder rowing. The device direction bird uses 15 movements as a group, 2 to 3 groups each time, and the seated dumbbell rowing uses dumbbells to do rowing exercises. Deltoid muscle bundles, rope back shoulder rowing training should pay attention to the coordination of movement and breathing.

  1. Equipment direction Asuka

  Sit on the instrument and hold your chest and abdomen to keep your body upright. Hold the two handles of the instrument with both hands. After deeply absorbing the breath, your hands are weak and pull down the instrument until your hands and shoulders form a straight line. Just fly the bird, then relax the arm and let the equipment slowly retract upwards, every 15 times as a set, 2 to 3 sets can be performed.

  2. Seated dumbbell rowing

  Sitting on a long bench, holding a dumbbell in each hand, as the movement begins, the upper body moves down as close to your legs as possible, and at the same time, lift the dumbbells with both hands to do the rowing motion until the arms are straight and the shoulders are in line. On a straight line, slowly withdraw your hands at this time. Every 15 moves are a set, and each time you do 2 to 3 sets.

  3. Rope back shoulder rowing

  Sitting on a stool, stretch your legs forward, put your feet against the front pedal, and bend your knees slightly. Raise your arms up to shoulder height while relaxing your shoulders. Bend your upper body slightly forward to hold the rope, contract your shoulders and scapular muscles. , At the same time flexing the elbows with both arms parallel to the ground, pulling to the neck while tightening the shoulder muscles and staying for 1 to 2 seconds, fully stretched before continuing, pay attention to adjusting your breathing when doing movements, inhale when pulling up, and when putting down Breathe, keep your upper body as balanced as possible.

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