Why does the abdominal wheel not roll? What should I do if the abdominal wheel does not move?

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  When the abdomen wheel does not roll, it may be that the beginner’s muscle strength is not enough to push the abdomen wheel with multiple wheels. It is better to adjust it with two wheels. If it is caused by improper posture and movement, Mainly arch the back and buttocks slightly, and concentrate the core strength on the waist, abdomen and arms.

  When using the abdomen wheel, you must also pay attention to the posture and training intensity. The reason why the abdomen wheel does not move is most likely because there are too many wheels, and the beginner’s own strength is not enough to push it well. It is easy to strain the waist. According to the advice of beginners, it is better to choose 2 wheels.

  When the abdomen wheel cannot be pushed, it may also be caused by unprepared postures and movements. The abdomen disorder mainly relies on arm strength and waist strength. If the hips are not bent or the force is not correct, it will cause pushing. Do not move, arch your hips slightly, tighten your waist and abdomen, and then push back and forth.

  In the process of doing exercises, it is best to pay attention to the posture of the joints and hips, the back should be slightly bent, and the core strength should be concentrated on the waist and abdomen when stretching. Try to move within the range of extension, and pay attention to the speed. It is best to adjust the intensity according to your own needs every day to avoid muscle strain.

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