How to use electric blender bottle?

  When it comes to electric shaker bottle, most people may not know what the shaking cup is, but sports and fitness enthusiasts should know it. Voltrx protein shaker bottle is a water cup used to prepare protein powder. Its greater use depends on the symmetrical combination of protein powder in ultra-low temperature, which shows great convenience to people who often supplement protein powder. As everyone knows, many beginners don’t know how to use the shaking cup. This article will introduce the operation methods and common problems of voltrx protein shaker in detail.

  Operation method:

  1. Disassemble the electric mixer bottle and clarify the main purpose of each part. Outer cover, cup body

  2. Take the outer cover, pour the protein powder into the water cup and warm boiled water. Generally, 30g protein powder is poured into 200ml water (there is usually a scale on the water cup). Low fat milk can also be added appropriately to improve the taste.

  3. Cover the outer cover tightly, press the button and stir for 30 seconds to fully dissolve the protein powder.

  4. You can drink it eventually.

  5. Every time you drink electric bottle opener, there is usually a little residue. Just wash the residue with cold water and dry it, which is not easy to cause odor.

  Warm reminder:

  The water for replenishing protein powder must be warm boiled water (close to the body, ultra-low temperature is the best). Boiled water will break the protein structure, and cold water is not easy to melt.

  Whey protein powder with simple weight-bearing needs to be taken together with carbohydrate compounds (such as bananas, apples, oatmeal, steamed buns, etc.), which is more easily digested and absorbed by muscles. If it is muscle strengthening powder, which has added a lot of carbohydrates to its ingredients, there is no need to pay attention to the ingredients of its own purchased goods.

  Full term protein powder is best not to drink 30 times after the end of exercise and fitness and the recovery of heartbeat. It can also be taken with breakfast in the morning as a protein supplement.

  All supplements can not replace the basic diet. The physical and mental health diet structure of high protein food, low calories, appropriate carbohydrates and eating more vegetables and fruits is the root of sports and fitness.

  In the early stage of cartilage sports and fitness, enthusiasts should be dominated by adjusting the basic dietary structure, and generally do not need additional supplements.

  Recombinant water can be added appropriately, and protein powder is not easy to dissolve without water.

  If the cleaning is not enough, too much flavor will remain. Show many ways to remove the flavor:

  1. Charcoal: put it in a water cup until it digests and absorbs the taste;

  2. Soda: add baking soda or vinegar to the cup, open the cork and put it all night, and clean it the next day;

  3. Green lemon: squeeze lemonade into the water cup and put enough on each surface of the water cup;

  4. Instant coffee: add instant coffee to digest and absorb the taste, put it all night and clean the glass bottle;

  5. Direct sunlight: make the shaker cup a natural environment that can accept the wind and sun, and let the strong sunlight bring the taste.

Does the electric shaker bottle really work?
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