How to stir protein powder with vortex shaker bottle?

  Which water is used to stir protein powder? How to use electric shaker mix protein powder is the best? Everyone has a different life style, so everyone mixes protein powder in different ways.

  Some fitness particles have different mixing methods, some can only be stirred with cold water, some can only be stirred with warm water, and some require boiling water. If you use the wrong water, the nutritional effect of this fitness granule will decrease. Therefore, before we drink all kinds of fitness particles, it is best to understand the use of water. Do you know what kind of water is best to use for mixing protein powder? Let’s take a look at protein powder!

  Electric mixer, what kind of water should I use to stir the protein powder? How to stir the protein powder best?

  There are many active substances with unique physiological functions in protein powder, and they are all afraid of high temperature. Once exposed to high temperatures, they will lose their specificity, thereby greatly reducing microbial titer. Therefore, whey protein powder should not be cooked or burned. Only by dissolving (mixing) it in water, porridge, malted milk and other foods below 40, it can also be used as a cold drink and healthy drink.

  How to mix protein powder in VOLTRX premium electric protein shaker bottle?

  1. Prepare a cup of warm water in advance. The water temperature does not need to be too high. At about 20 degrees, too high a temperature will make the protein powder moldy, so it is best to keep it cool.

  2. Pour the protein powder. Generally speaking, a cup of 300 ml of water plus a scoop of protein powder is the best. Yes, one spoonful is enough.

  3. Stir with a spoon. Next, mix the protein powder and water thoroughly. At this moment, do your best to dissolve the protein powder into the water as soon as possible. If you want to dissolve all the protein powder in the water, you must mix vigorously, and then mash the undissolved protein powder to make it easier to drink.

  4. After removing the foam and stirring evenly, you will see a lot of foam on the water cup. At this time, take out the Styrofoam with a spoon, and it will be refreshing to drink. Naturally, it is better to put sugar in moderation.

  Among them, there are 3 and 4 traditional protein powder mixing methods. We now like to use the electric blender water bottle for mixing, so that it will neither agglomerate nor foam, and the taste will be more delicate. I was lucky to come across the voltrx premium electric protein shaker. It saved me. Trust me, you will also like vortex protein shaker.

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Why do you like to drink protein shakes more and more now?

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