How to properly drink protein with electric shaker bottle?

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  I bought a bucket of protein powder, and it tasted like tea dregs. The reason is that there is no protein shaker bottle. If the merchant did not sell you this mini shaker bottle when you bought the protein powder, I guess you look too professional, and the merchant thinks you don’t. need…

  1 There are roughly two types, one is that there is a steel wire ball in the cup, and the other is that there is a layer of mesh in the cup, as shown in the figure below. There are other types, similar to each other. The usage is to pour protein powder and water (milk, etc.) into the cup, close the cap tightly and shake it evenly. Steel balls or screens are used to aid mixing.

  2 It is generally recommended to use warm or cold water to rinse the protein powder, and it is recommended to pour the water first, then the protein powder, otherwise the powder with good solubility will often have low viscosity

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  3 I think many Taobao merchants buy protein powders and give them mini shaker bottles. There are free mini shaker bottles. It’s better to get a few more, because plastic cups for protein powder will smell bad after a long time.

  4 There is a plastic spoon in the protein powder bucket (sometimes at the bottom…) that is the one scoop (one scoop) on the nutrition label

  5 It won’t matter if you pour more water, according to your taste

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