Teach you how to drink protein with a shaker in three minutes

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  It feels that more and more people are eating protein powder. But there are still many people who don’t know how to make protein powder. Many people say that each time you make protein powder, you can’t make it. Whether it is cold water with boiling water, it will form a pile of piles.

  In fact, brewing protein powder is not as difficult as everyone thinks. The first thing to emphasize is that it is absolutely not possible to brew protein powder with boiling water. The principle is that protein is composed of peptides, but it will fail when encountering high temperature and strong acid, and lose its nutritional value. Therefore, the protein powder should be brewed with warm water.

  You can also use the electric shaker bottles for brewing protein powder. People who drink protein powder often should be familiar with it. The lid is so tight that it won’t leak when shaken, and it can be opened by shaking it hard.

  The key to brewing protein powder is with warm water and shaking. Here are a few more points.

  Some people are tired of drinking protein powder and want to add it to milk or soy milk, but they are afraid of affecting the effect. Let me tell everyone here that this is completely okay. Protein powder can be taken with amino acids, honey, and vitamin tablets. These supplements complement each other and do not conflict.

  Some people will also report: drinking protein powder will cause diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, and stomach gurgling symptoms. If something similar happens, it is not advisable to drink protein powder on an empty stomach.

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  There are also some people who get angry when they eat protein powder. This is because the protein is converted into muscle and will consume vitamin B, and getting angry is the manifestation of lack of vitamin B, so if you find that you are angry, it may It’s because your protein powder dosage is large. The solution is to reduce the dosage, add vitamin B, and drink more water.

  There are many types of protein. Proteins from different food sources can be digested by the human body, but the degree of absorption and utilization is different. That is to say, the nutritional value of different types of protein is different, and the main factor that determines protein nutrition is protein. Types of essential amino acids. Among them, the closer the amino acid arrangement of human protein is, the more high-quality protein is. One thing that needs popular science is that protein powder is not dedicated to fitness (the purpose of fitness supplement protein powder is mainly to build muscle, so protein powder with whey protein as the main raw material is more suitable). If you want to enhance your physical fitness and improve your resistance, you can also supplement it. Protein powder.

  According to the raw materials of the protein powder, choose the one that meets your own needs. For example, Tomson’s protein powder is supplemented with high-quality protein to improve immunity and enhance physical fitness. This nutrient value is higher, and it is easier to be absorbed and utilized by the human body. It is of great help to boosting energy, enhancing the body’s resistance, and improving immunity.

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