Electric shaker cup is very convenient to use!

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  I only charge the vortex bottle shaker once every two weeks (to keep charging) and the power supply.

  When I clean the cup, I always remove the vortex bottle shaker from the motor first. There are stickers on the motor to remind the user not to get wet. When I install the cup back into the motor, I will carefully ensure that the bottom of the cup is dry in advance.

  I strongly recommend this for mixing protein powder with water, milk or any other liquid.

  Electric shaker bottle: a must for fitness lovers to mix healthy drinks

  I hate large pieces of protein powder in milkshakes or leaving a pile of unused pre exercise at the bottom of my voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle. This completely solves the problem. Easy to use and convenient.

  Easy to use and well mixed. However, you must take care of vortex bottle shaker. Vortex bottle shaker is not a rough and tough cup. You can’t make frozen smoothie Vortex bottle shaker just doesn’t work. However, the protein powder beverage does not contain any solid components, and the effect is very good. I take my lunch bag to work. It’s fairly easy to clean.

  I bought this product because I drank powder mixtures such as Gatorade and gfuel. This bottle is perfect for that kind of thing! That’s good because I don’t have to waste cans and bottles. When I first got the best protein shake mixer cup, the motor didn’t want to rotate unless I gently pushed it first, but I took a few shots. Now the vortex shaker bottle works like a dream!

Voltrx electric protein shakers are also very portable.
Do you really understand the role of the electric protein shaker?

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