Voltrx electric protein shakers are also very portable.

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  I’m worried about spending so much money on a mixed mixing cup, but shaker bottle blender is great. Rechargeable is a big advantage for me.

  As long as you don’t mix the ice in it, vortex bottle shaker will last for a long time. At first glance, the mixture at the bottom is a little fragile, but the magic sauce can be rotated and cooled by the pulse button without entering the zoom mode of the full tilt pipe bender.

  Using these types of rechargeable mixtures in my protein shake, vortex bottle Shakers work well, but only for powder. Vortex bottle Shakers don’t chop berries.

  Protein shake mixer machines are also very portable. With a rechargeable battery pack, I can mix anywhere

  I like their electric shaker for gym very much. Fast charging, easy to clean, and the seal will not become moldy or accumulate water behind. The new method of activating vortex and then adding powder makes cleaning easier, and the protein won’t stick to the side at all. No dry ring can scrape into the mixture.

  The base is removable, so you can mix and leave the motor to reduce weight / safe storage. The mixer cup blender itself is sealed very tightly, thicker than any other mixing bottle I have used.

Protein shaker bottle can’t mix ice!
Electric shaker cup is very convenient to use!

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