Can voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle automatically stir protein powder?

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  It is impossible to mix protein powder with milk or water. If you like to drink 240 ml milk and two spoons of whey protein powder like me, you will notice that the rotation speed is slow when you add the second spoonful of milk powder. You need a second rotation cycle to make up for this, but the protein mixer bottle will still fully mix the powder.

  Electric blender shaker mixed my casein well. Although this is the first time I use dymatize casein. However, electric juice blender bottle will not leave large pieces of protein as I have experienced before. I have also accidentally dropped from a high height onto the concrete when carrying too many items.

  The lid popped open, so I lost my protein (but I might be surprised if it didn’t happen) but it seemed ok except for the scratches caused by hitting the concrete. There was no crack, which I handled from the GNC shake bottle. I want to say give this portable electric blender bottle a chance

  I usually fill 12 ounces of water and smoothie, click once to start rotation, which is a 30 second rotation timer; This is the best time to add my powder. Different pressures determine the rotation timer and stop.

  In addition, there are 8 LED lights on the base that can be lit to show rotation. Very cool and surprisingly powerful rotation, absolutely effective. There is a rechargeable base that can be lit to display the battery level. When you press and hold the button, the Portable Blender bottle briefly lights up to display the power level or the rotation animation when you press to turn it on. Absolutely recommended!

I like the design of vortex blender bottle.
Voltrx Shaker Bottle Large diameter, easy to put, easy to wash.

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