I like the design of vortex blender bottle.

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  The protein mixer bottle Electric will do its work and close automatically. The light gives people a good feeling. The motor is firmly fixed to the device and mixes my ingredients very effectively. Cleaning and storage are also very convenient. I’m looking forward to the durability of this product. I have a different mixing container. The container is broken and the motor is broken. I’m glad to deliver this product to my house one day before the expected delivery date. Thank you for the excellent voltrx electric shaker bottle.

  You won’t regret buying this.

  This funny shaker bottles is the best I’ve used so far. I know it’s not technically a shaker because you didn’t actually shake it, but anyway. I have used it for about 2-3 months now, and the effect is very good. The smoothest protein shake I can drink. I even prepared a second one for my wife.

  That’s why I was a little sad when the motor seemed to start to slow down. It wasn’t until we got my wife’s that I realized that it moved 2-3 times faster than me. Fortunately, the company is very good at taking care of their customers. When I contact the customer service representative, they will apologize within hours and thank me for buying their products. She told me to send my shipping address and created a delivery note like that to replace my electric blender shaker bottle for me.

  My arm aches after shaking my drink. I’m glad to use this miixr electric shaker bottle battery replacement. So far, it’s definitely worth it. It’s very convenient for me. I use these three minutes to make my drink.

  The protein mixer bottle mixes well, but you should also consider what you want to mix, because it is plastic rather than metal, so it won’t do like a single blender. I won’t try anything except powder, liquid mixture and water.

Why do I never regret using electric Protein Shaker bottle?
Can voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle automatically stir protein powder?

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