Why You Should Use An Electric Shaker Instead Of A Traditional Shaker

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Whether you are a fitness influencer, gym rat, or just a weekend warrior at the gym, staying hydrated is a key to proper health and quality workouts. 

Electric shaker cups have come on the scene in the last few years and have gained much popularity.

Many people wonder why they should use an electric protein shaker bottle instead of a traditional one.

This article will share the 5 best reasons to use an electric shaker bottle like the Voltrx.

5 Reasons You Should Use An Electric Shaker Bottle

  1. An electric shaker bottle saves time

An electric shaker bottle will save you time making protein shakes.

Turning the shaker bottle on and letting it mix the protein powder on its own saves time. You don’t have to shake the bottle on your own.

With the Voltrx shaker bottle, the mixer will automatically stop when done, so you can go about your business while the Voltrx mixes your shake. 

This is one of the reasons the Voltrx electric shaker bottle is the #1 ranked electric shaker bottle on FizznessShizzness.com.

  1. High-Quality Protein Shakes, Every Time

Lumps and clumps of protein powder are a thing of the best with the electric shaker bottle. Unlike traditional shaker bottles, these bottles will mix your powders into the liquid until there is no more powder left.

  1. Electric shakers are very durable

Electric shaker cups like the Voltrx are made from highly durable and BPA-Free plastic, which means you can use these bottles many times over without worry of breaking down or shattering. 

  1. Electric Shaker Bottles Are Cost Effective

For a similar price to a traditional shaker cup, you can have a cup like the Voltrx shaker bottle, which is heavy-duty and saves time.

  1. The Voltrx electric shaker is fun to use

A traditional shaker bottle does not have LED lights that flash multiple colors when used. Electric shaker bottles are fun to watch and fun to use. 

Final Thoughts On Electric Shaker Bottles

Once you try an electric shaker bottle, you may never want to go back to using a traditional protein shaker bottle again.

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