A shaker bottle that doesn’t require manual cleaning

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The Voltrx electric shaker bottle is the easiest to clean on the market. When cleaning, you only need to put the cup under the faucet to receive water, then click the start button with your finger to start up the stirring blade rotating at high speed stir up the clean water, and let the clean water automatically clean the cup. If your mug is not cleaned immediately after use, it is recommended to use lukewarm water and dish soap instead of water.

Why is the electric shaker bottle so easy to clean? How is it different from a traditional shaker bottle?

  • Milkshake making principle is different

The electric shaker adopts a new type of stirring technology. The electric fan blade is used to form a high-speed vortex to mix the protein powder and water. The stirring is performed on a horizontal plane. The center of the vortex is fully contacted with the protein powder and stirred. In this way, stirring not only saves effort but also reduces the area of ​​protein powder remaining in the cup, for example, there will be no hard-to-clean protein powder lumps on the bottle cap.

The traditional shaker needs to shake the bottle vigorously when mixing protein powder and water, which is a vertical plane stirring. Stirring in this way is not only exhausting, but also the liquid in the bottle is constantly flowing, which will cause protein powder to agglomerate all over the inside of the bottle, and even some protein powder will accumulate in the waterproof plug of the bottle cap, which will lead to long-term. The bottle is difficult to clean thoroughly.

P1. Make milkshakes by electric 
P2. Make milkshakes by hand
  • Innovation in mixing tools

The stirring fan blade used in the electric shaker bottle will not have direct contact with the powder during operation, so there will be no protein powder agglomeration on the stirring blade after stirring, which greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning.

The metal stirring ball used in the traditional shaker will break up the protein powder in the water through continuous motion when making the protein powder milkshake. The protein powder lumps on the ball are clumpy and it is very troublesome to clean.

P3. Electric Stirring Blade 
P4. BlenderBall


  • More suitable material

The smoother material inside the Voltrx electric shaker bottle reduces clumping of protein powder on the sides of the bottle after the protein shake is mixed, further making cleaning easier.


P5. After using the electric shaker 
P6. After using the traditional shaker

If you’re tired of the hassle of cleaning traditional shaker bottle every time, try the Voltrx electric shaker bottle. The cups can be cleaned with just one click of a button after use.

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