What to do if protein shaker bottle stinks, teach bodybuilders 3 steps to prevent odor!

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  Hello everyone, I’m PT brother, I’m a person who loves cleanliness

  But it is inevitable that there will be carelessness. After drinking protein powder, I forgot to use Shaker Bottle. Then I drank water while watching TV. I took it in one mouthful and almost choked myself to death. Don’t make the same mistake, because it’s very disgusting.

  So! How can protein powders that can increase muscle mass and make us look better?

  What makes the protein shaker smelly?

  After drinking the protein powder, we covered the Shaker Bottle. The bacteria, molds and other microorganisms in the air exist in the cup. Most of the bacteria are anaerobic bacteria that can carry out anaerobic respiration. The protein is decomposed to form hydrogen sulfide, amines, Skatole, indole and other putrefactive substances, which emit foul smell. Hydrogen sulfide gas and H2S are corrosive after being dissolved in water, and will slightly penetrate into the cup wall, which will result in a smell after cleaning.

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  Experience sharing!

  How to prevent the smell of protein shaker​

  1. Wash after drinking

  After drinking the protein powder, wash it immediately so that the protein cannot remain, and the fungus has no decomposed raw materials, so it will not produce odor.

  2. After washing, open and ventilate

  Since 100% washing cannot be guaranteed and there are more or less residues, the fungus will not be let go. Opening the Shaker Bottle will not create an oxygen-free environment, which is not conducive to fungus decomposition activities, and ventilation can help dilute the odor.

  3. Deodorizing soaking

  You can use lemonade and other solutions for soaking. White vinegar is also very good, so that it can isolate the fungus in the air. Secondly, the taste of the lemonade itself can also cover the peculiar smell.

  After the weekend, I won’t be a long story, and I will share some short and useful tips with you.

  A cup makes a group of people enthusiastic, fitness people: what the hell, is my protein shaker bottle easy to use?
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