What is the use of the inverted machine

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  Among the fitness tools, the inverted machine is a tool that has many uses. I believe many people understand it. Of course, using an inverted machine is also good for people’s body. However, inverted machines are also exquisite, but many people don’t know about the inverted machine. How to use it. So, what is the use method of the inverted machine? Let’s take a look at how to use it.

  How to use the inverted machine

  1. After adjusting the valve according to your height, turn the ankle nut to tighten the ankle buckle, and place your back flat on the lying board to prepare for inverted stretching exercises.

  2. Stretch the body and place it on the lower abdomen in a natural state, and slowly rotate the lying board to a horizontal balance position.

  3. From the horizontal balance position, slowly lift up with one hand or slowly lift up with both hands as needed, and the lying board will rotate according to your ideal angle.

  4. In the case of vertical inversion, push the bench with both hands to experience the best upside-down effect of inverted 160 degrees.

  The role of the inverted machine

  1. Connect the blood that is not usually easy to reach the head to the brain. The blood that carries nutrients and oxygen can help strengthen memory and eliminate brain fatigue.

  2. It helps to relieve the pressure on the back spine and ligaments, relieve fatigue, and relax the muscles of the whole body.

  3. It helps to relieve and correct the aging and sagging of organs caused by gravity, such as gastroptosis.

  Inverted machine attention matters

  1. Some people experience dizziness when using the inverted machine for the first time. It is best to have someone nearby when using it;

  2. It is not suitable to use within 2 hours after meal or when drinking too much water;

  3. Wear sneakers with straps when using;

  4. The spirit should be concentrated, and all consciousness should be concentrated on the “Baihui” acupoint in the middle of the head;

  5. The head and hands should always be fixed in the same position;

  6. ​​When turning the body, retract the lower jaw, so as to maintain balance;

  7. Do a complete set of handstand movements every day;

  8. Do not rest immediately after doing the handstand, it is best to rest after a little activity.

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