Detailed illustration of the essentials of standing rowing

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  In training sports, upright rowing is a very useful sport. I believe many people still know upright rowing. Of course, it is good for us to do upright rowing for a long time, but many people don’t know how to do it right. So, what are the essentials for standing upright rowing? Let’s take a look at the essentials of the action together.

  Upright rowing action essentials

  With both legs open, stand up straight in front of Smith’s machine. At this time, the body remains relaxed and holds the barbell with both hands. At this time, we relax our hands and the barbell is almost at the base of our thighs. After the action begins, we exert force and lift the barbell upwards until our arms form a straight line with our shoulders and backs. At this time, we relax our hands and let the barbell return. Restart the movement after reaching the original position.

  Upright rowing training site

  When we exercise the upright rowing action, we need to perform a barbell or dumbbell for a period of time, and our hands are always in a state of exerting force, so this can be very effective in training our arm muscles, especially the biceps.

  Upright rowing is not only a good stimulation of our arm muscles, but also a very important movement when we practice shoulders. When we stretch the barbell to the highest point, we can clearly feel the strength of the shoulders, so it has a good exercise effect on the front and middle beams of the shoulder deltoid muscles.

  Points to note for standing upright rowing

  Upright rowing can be done with a lot of equipment, common dumbbells, barbells, and ropes are also possible, or with the Smith machine for training, some specific equipment can help us complete this action. Whether using a wide grip or a narrow grip, the trainer should first understand what kind of training goal they want to achieve, and based on this, can they better choose the exercise method that suits them.

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