What is the difference between the purpose of male fitness and the purpose of female fitness?

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  All things are born as primates, except for men and women in this world, although they are all humans, they seem to be very different. The biggest difference is the physiological difference. Due to the physiological differences, boys and girls have different thinking. Thinking is the most basic basis for guiding a person’s behavior. Different thinking behaviors and the purpose behind the behavior are also very different. So when boys and girls are doing the same thing, it is very likely that they have different goals.

  At a time when everyone is clamoring for national fitness, fitness training has long become an integral part of many people’s lives. The size of the fitness crowd is growing every year. This growth is inseparable from men and women who love fitness. Don’t think that the gym is full of sweaty gents. In fact, female bodybuilders also account for a large part of them. Closer to home, then, what is the difference and difference between the purpose of male fitness and the purpose of female fitness?

  1. Get the difference in positive emotions

  Everyone in life produces negative emotions. These negative emotions come from all aspects of life. It may be work or family. However, negative emotions cannot surround a person at all times. Smart people have ways to vent negative emotions. Fitness training is one of them. Fitness is a way for many boys to release stress. The release of strength through strength training can get rid of mental exhaustion, and thus get emotional relief. It is unavoidable to say that it is a bit bitter and sad.

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  The girls are a little different. Most of their negative emotions are talked to the same sex, or dumped to their spouse. Speaking of it, this is really a clever method of transferring negative emotions, which makes people feel a little embarrassed. Therefore, although girls can get positive emotions while exercising, this is not the purpose of their fitness. To a large extent, fitness training is just their habit.

  2. The difference in self-value enhancement

  Most people want their own value to be higher than others, and this is most obvious in men. Believe it or not, we see that in nature, males are always particularly conspicuous, especially in spring, the male bird with beautiful feathers always gets the priority to choose a mate. Its entity is now a human being. A good figure and strong muscles are obviously also bargaining chips to attract the opposite sex.

  The purpose of many boys’ fitness is self-evident, and to a large extent it is to get more high-quality attention from the opposite sex. Strong muscles and a stalwart figure are the purpose of their fitness. From being thin or fat to becoming a muscular man is a transformation that improves their own value. The purpose of fitness for girls is to improve their figure or maintain their health. Although it is also a manifestation of their own value enhancement, the purpose is not to attract the opposite sex. You must know that there are few boys in China who prefer European and American muscular girls.

  3, satisfy hobbies

  I have to say that fitness deserves several benefits in one fell swoop. People who love fitness must feel it. Not to mention satisfying their hobbies, but also improving their physical fitness, and enjoying the praise and admiration of others in the back. Therefore, regardless of whether men or women, fitness training is their hobby, it is often the same on this point, because fitness brings them the same happiness. In short, fitness training does not distinguish between men and women. Although they have different goals, they are all positive and self-improving.

  Finally, can you reveal what your fitness purpose is?

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