What happened to boys spending some money on fitness?

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  It is always said that money should be spent on ideas. For most young men today, it seems that they have never seriously considered this issue. Their pockets are either used as a love fund or used for entertainment, but few people really really Is concerned about the construction of all aspects of their own.

  For boys, as long as the money spent is on the right path and where it can increase personal value, it is not a waste. This is what they consider when they spend money on cosmetics and beauty-their own value. Then there is one way for boys to maintain and build their own value right now, which is fitness. All you have to do is to know where and how to spend. Now let’s take a look at where the money that boys need to spend on fitness is in the end.


  Although fitness can be practiced at home, it is not good to practice because one cannot have comprehensive equipment at home, and there is no training atmosphere. If only these two items are insufficient, half of the people will not be able to persist. Fitness, mindfulness is not the key to persistence. In the future, there will be more and more gyms and more and more professional. As far as the current cost is concerned, it will take a little over one thousand and five to get an annual card in a similar gym. There may be a year for free when there are activities. Professional equipment, positive atmosphere, training is over.

  Fitness supplement

  Fitness supplements are actually a dispensable existence in the whole muscle gaining process. Maybe many people have deified fitness supplements, thinking that they can grow muscles and are indispensable by eating them, but they are not. Common fitness supplements are nothing more than protein powder, muscle-building powder, branched-chain amino acids, creatine, nitrogen pump, etc., a bucket of protein powder or muscle-building powder, the average bodybuilder eats almost 4 buckets a year, an average of 300 per bucket , A total of 1200. The branched-chain amino acid, creatine, and nitrogen pumps are selected according to personal circumstances. The annual consumption of each type will not exceed 2 barrels, with an average of 150 per barrel. If you count 2 barrels of each type, 900 is enough.

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  Nutritious meals

  As everyone knows, the most important nutrient that muscle gainers need to take in is protein. Now that the living conditions are better, the acquisition of protein can be said to be as simple as breathing. If you don’t want to satisfy your appetite, but simply want to add protein, then eggs are a great choice. In addition, the chicken breast is also very good. Excluding the normal diet, the nutritional cost is less than 50 yuan a month, which is only 600 a year.

  Fitness coach

  Novices who have never been in fitness, may need a fitness coach in the first few months, but I personally feel that it is not necessary. Watching more fitness videos or looking for a gym brother to take exercises can pass the novice period. The enlightenment fee for the fitness coach is more than the above, and it is about 3,000 for a few classes, but it is not necessary.

  Adding up all the above expenses is no more than 6,000, an average of 500 per month for 12 months, only 16 yuan a day, excluding the cost of hiring a coach, less than 10 yuan a day. So “what’s wrong with boys’ fitness costs?” It’s really just a little bit. Don’t think that fitness costs a lot of money, and it’s still used to build your own value. When it is enough, you will understand that this little money is really not lost.

  What needs to be mentioned is that many people now advocate the “uselessness” of fitness, and they still focus on girls. They say that girls don’t like muscular men, and girls feel that their muscles are terrible, and so on. May I ask, are so many boys doing fitness exercises to win women’s favor? Acknowledge that a minority is for this purpose, but most boys who insist on fitness are passionate about fitness.

  Don’t you see the power zone sweating like rain, thunder can’t move, refusing to talk about sao, never dating, smashing a real man. If it weren’t for true love, who could be so day after day. Therefore, we bodybuilders don’t care about the remarks that fitness is useless. They don’t understand the charm of fitness. If you are not even willing to use this money on yourself, is it possible to save money to contribute bags and lipsticks? Wake up, young man.

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