What is the correct way to lie on your back

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  In fitness exercises, supine leg lift is a simple and easy exercise, and it is also an effective exercise. Of course, if a person insists on training supine leg lift, there are many benefits, but if you want to have these benefits, the correct way is very important. So, what is the correct way to lie on your back? Let’s take a look at the prone position.

  The correct way to lie on your back

  Lie flat on a mat or on a bench (hold the bench with both hands to keep it stable), put both palms behind your head, keep your back flat and lie down on your back, press your head against the palms and spread your arms flat on the floor. The whole body is in a straight line. Use the strength of the abdomen to pull up the legs and lift up. Straighten your legs and slowly return to position. Move as slowly as possible, straighten your legs, don’t bend, don’t use force.

  The benefits of lying on your back

  1. Promote liver detoxification

  Often doing supine leg lifting can detoxify our liver, because in the process of elevated legs, the blood will flow back quickly, and after the back flow, it will be retained in the liver and kidneys, then detoxification and detoxification will be performed again, so not only It can only increase our metabolism in the process of doing this exercise, and it can also help the blood detoxify again. The benefits to the body are naturally obvious.

  2. Stabilize blood pressure

  The exercise of raising the leg on the back can also be regarded as raising the foot, and when we are raising the foot. Because Dantian training breathing can effectively reduce the burden on the abdomen, so that the dirty air in our chest can be discharged. It is of great benefit to alleviating the depression of the heart and chest and the lower mood. After the mental health pressure is reduced, the blood pressure will be more stable. Therefore, it is more recommended for people with unstable blood pressure or high blood pressure to do this exercise.

  3. Unblocked blood

  When doing supine leg lifts, the belly button will actually help us to pass the qi and blood unimpeded, and will expand the pores, so that the skin metabolism will be faster.

  4. Helps sleep

  If you often do supine leg lifts, put your legs on the wall. Leaning can also let your body relax deeply. At this time, if you can cooperate with slow and regular breathing, and breathing more evenly, it can help everyone solve the problem of insomnia. Moreover, after doing this exercise more exhausted, sleep will be heavier.

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