How to do prone push up is the most standard and correct

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  In fitness exercises, prone pushup is a simple and easy to practice movement, and it is also an effective exercise. Of course, if one insists on training prone pushup, there are many benefits, but if you want to have these benefits, the correct approach is very important. of. So, how to do the most standard and correct prone position? Let’s take a look at the prone position.

  how to do prone

  1. Lie on your stomach on a flat chair, keeping your abdomen on top of the flat stool and parallel to it. Keep the upper part of the chest and the head hanging above the edge of the flat stool.

  2. Place your feet under the flat chair and hook the flat stool to keep your body stable, as the initial part of the action. Place your hands on both sides of your head, and put your fingers in contact with your ears.

  3. Bend the elbow joints of both arms and spread the elbow joints outward, and lift the upper torso of the body upwards, about 8-12 inches away from the surface of the flat stool.

  4. Slowly and carefully move the upper torso down to the initial position. Repeat the set of actions.

  how much is appropriate to do prone

  When doing this action, we can last for about 1 minute for each set of actions, and complete 3~5 sets each time. Because the degree of difficulty of this exercise is not very large, it is not very difficult in the process of persistence, so we can choose to persist for 1 minute each time, so that the effect of exercise is better. In addition, if you only do one set, the exercise effect is very limited, so we can do multiple sets at a time.

  Prone to stand up matters needing attention

  prone to stand up actually requires quite a lot of physical fitness. If you are in good health and there is no problem with your waist, it is appropriate to do prone pushups. If there are problems with the lumbar spine, psoas muscles, or spine, or the sciatic nerve is not normal, it is not suitable for prone pushups. The site will be very painful and the condition may be aggravated, but if it is just a simple chest hunch, it is usually not painful or itchy, doing prone pushups is helpful for correction.

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