What are the best strength exercises

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  Nowadays, many people like to exercise, and if you exercise regularly, it is helpful to people. When exercising, it is important to choose the right exercise. For example, some exercises are strength exercises, and some are fat loss exercises. movement. What are the best power sports? If you want to know, you can take a look.

  dumbbell fly

  Doing dumbbell flying is also a very good way to exercise our core strength. Then this exercise mainly exercises our arm strength. The action is also relatively simple, that is, we lift a dumbbell in each hand, and then lift the dumbbell to both sides of the body. Just like a flying bird. The muscles that this exercise exercises are mainly our triceps.

  push ups

  Push-ups are a common exercise in our daily lives, but they are a very good way to exercise strength. Generally speaking, what we are more familiar with is the standard push-ups. The more difficult ones can be jump push-ups or one-handed push-ups. These movements mainly exercise our triceps and our arm strength.


  Pull-ups are an indispensable movement for training chest muscles and back muscles. This movement requires our core strength to support, so the movement is not so easy to complete. First of all, we need to use a horizontal bar or a double pole to complete it. Secondly, when we are doing this exercise, if we want to exercise our chest, we should try our best to use the chest muscles, and if we want to exercise the back, we’d better use the back.

  plank support

  Plank support is an indispensable movement for exercising core strength. This movement not only requires us to use arm strength and chest strength to prop up our upper body, but also waist strength and leg strength to ensure that the lower body is also parallel to the ground. Therefore, this action is a very comprehensive action, so a group usually persists between 30 to 50 seconds.


  Sit-ups are one of the most basic exercises in our daily lives. First, we lie flat on a yoga mat to let our body relax naturally. At this time, bend our knees and place our arms on both sides of our head. Use waist and abdomen strength to allow our upper body to leave the ground and our chin to touch the knee position. At this time, we relax the body, let the body lie down, and start exercising again. Complete three groups at a time and each group performs 30.

  belly roll

  The preparation exercises for abdominal curling are similar to sit-ups. First, you lie flat on a yoga mat and bend your knees to prepare. At this time, use the waist and abdomen strength to allow your upper body to lift off the ground and naturally raise your arms forward. When our chin touches the knee, we lie down flat, but we must pay attention to the waist not touching the ground. We always need to use the abdominal force to get the waist off the ground and start exercising again.

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