Posted on: June 6, 2021 Posted by: voltrx Comments: 0
electric protein blender

  I bought 21 electric shakers. I can drink milkshakes three times a day, and I can’t stress the dishes once a week.

  The electric shakers have been running for a while, but the lid keeps breaking. When shaking, the screw is not tight enough, it will leak everywhere, or the screw is too tight, causing the plastic top to crack. In this case, they will leak everywhere.

  I know that very few things can last a lifetime, but I really took care of all my things very well, and I was disappointed that these things broke down so quickly. If you don’t notice it, sprinkle a protein shake on the front of your clothes, which may be inconvenient or uncomfortable.

  Then I bought a voltrx glass shaker bottle and I like it. I have a smaller version, which I used instead of my fattening milkshake, which contains a lot of heavy ingredients; this helps break down any obstacles you may have. If you can use crushed ice is also helpful. The small handle on the lid is super convenient and easy to clean. I like the flip-top drinking cap, because there is no groove for jamming, so I must clean it later. For aesthetic reasons, I got the all-black variety at a price of 10/10.