What are the benefits of doing arrow squats regularly

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  Arrow squat is a very famous exercise, but also a simple and easy to do exercise, and often do arrow squat is a lot of benefits, such as exercise muscle, strengthen the legs and so on, of course, in addition to these, there are still many benefits. So, what are the benefits of doing the arrow squat regularly? Here’s a look at the benefits of the arrow squat!

  The benefits of the arrow squat

  1. exercise muscle

  The arrow squat is a comprehensive training movement of the buttocks and legs, the action process of the buttocks. Legs and other muscle groups have a great stimulation, like the quadriceps. Gluteus maximus. gluteus medius. Hamstrings. Gastrocnemius. Core muscle groups such as muscle groups can get different degrees of exercise.

  2. strengthen the legs

  Arrow squat is one of the most important strength training movements, the exercise of the leg muscles is particularly good, the correct arrow squat can strengthen the leg strength.

  3. Strengthen physical fitness

  The arrow squat is also very good for improving physical fitness, core muscles. The lower body strength training, are to form the main points of physical fitness, so by practicing the arrow squat is able to shape a strong physical fitness.

  4. improve sports safety

  Most of the natural movements of the human body, such as carrying, running, climbing, etc. is the dominant role of the lower limbs, climbing the most commonly used muscles, is the muscles of the legs. If the muscles of the legs are not strong, climbing is easy to muscle legs weakness, barely walking then easy to hurt the knee joint, lose balance and easy to fall and other injuries. So in the lower limb exercise, it is best to exercise the muscles of the legs first, so as to be safer, and improve your athletic ability!

  Arrow squat standard action

  1. front and rear toes are facing directly in front (the second toe is facing forward).

  2. the front foot hip rotates outward to let the buttocks out (let the knee go to the third to five toes).

  3. Rotate the back foot hip inward to allow the buttocks to clench forward (let the pelvis turn to the front and let the anterior hip muscles be stretched, with the knee and the second toe of the back foot facing forward in a straight line, not too far inward).

  4. the upper body straight, the abdomen is closed not arch waist (so that the front hip muscles are stretched).

  5. Imagine the movement throughout the head extended up and chin tucked (this can lengthen your spine, so that the thoracic spine up, the shoulders can naturally retract to the joints square).

  6. descending process is straight up and down, imagine the back foot knee down lightly touch the floor.

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