What are the actions to exercise the pectoralis major

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  How to exercise a person’s pectoralis major is actually a lot of exercises, and among these exercises, some exercises are better, some are not so good, but many people don’t know what the exercises of pectoralis major are What, I believe someone knows it. So, what are the actions to exercise the pectoralis major? Let’s take a look together below!

  push ups

  Push-ups are a very versatile exercise method. They can help us exercise a lot of parts, and it is also very effective when exercising the chest muscles. Similarly, it is also one of the effective ways to exercise the abdominal muscles. Push-ups, you need to do at least 100 strokes to become a group of most people. After doing a group, you can feel the muscles burning obviously. At this time, we have begun to exercise our chest muscles. If more exercise is needed, everyone You can add some appropriately, but remember not to put too much pressure on the muscles.

  lie on your back, bend your arms and pull up

  Lie on the back of the upper back on the stool, with the head slightly exposed at the end of the stool, the legs are bent, the feet are slightly wider than the shoulders, the soles of the feet are supported on the ground, the lower back is relaxed, the buttocks are lowered, the chest is raised and the abdomen is raised. With your arms bent, cross your hands at the top of your head and hold the inner side of one end of the dumbbell, palm up, and the dumbbell drooping.

  When holding the bell in both hands, slowly bend the elbows to the top of the head, gradually bend the elbows until the upper arms are in a horizontal position, and the angle between the upper and lower arms is about 100 degrees-120 degrees. At this time, the pectoralis major should be fully expanded, the thorax should be expanded, the abdomen should be loosened, and the buttocks should be sunk. When the dumbbells are lowered to the lowest position, lift the dumbbells along the original path with the strength of the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi muscles until the arms are straight on the chest.

  Pectoralis arm flexion and extension

  Use the widest spacing between the parallel bars to hold the parallel bars, extend your arms and support them on the parallel bars, bend your legs naturally, overlap your feet, and relax your body; don’t deliberately stand up your chest so that the lower part of your pectoralis major is perpendicular to the ground. Keep your back round, lean forward, put more tension on your chest muscles, and chin close to your chest; stretch your feet in front of your body instead of bending your legs back to prevent deceptive movements. This is an extremely valuable action, the ultimate pectoral muscle builder.

  Bend the elbows with both arms to lower the body to the lowest point, and then take a deep breath. When breathing, press the arms to prop up the body. Then breathe in as you fall, and then repeat the practice.

  Butterfly machine clip chest

  Keep the handles at the same height as your shoulders. Keep your arms slightly bent. Be careful not to open your arms too much (open to the back plane) to avoid hurting your shoulder joints. Don’t weigh too much. Pause for 3 seconds during adduction. , Fully squeeze the pectoralis major muscle.

  Take a natural breath every time. Be sure to straighten your body without the help of external force. Use your pectoralis major muscle to exert force when internally clamped. Be gentle when you relax and restore.

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