The most standard lunge action diagram

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  In the fitness movement, the lunge is a movement that has many functions, and the usefulness and benefits of the lunge are many, but there are also a lot of emphasis on the lunge, such as the standard movement, how to do the lunge, I believe someone knows it. So, how do you make a standard lunge? Let’s take a look at the lunges together.

  Bow and arrow action diagram

  1. Stand naturally with hands on hips or on top of your head, look forward with your eyes, tuck your chin slightly, tighten your abdomen, and keep your torso straight.

  2. Take a step back with your left foot, keeping your right foot and knee in a straight line.

  3. Bend the right leg until the thigh is parallel to the ground.

  4. Hold the above posture for 2 seconds, then slowly rise to return to the initial posture, repeat this 15 times, and then switch legs.

  Lunge Step Notes

  1. It is best to use barbells instead of dumbbells for lunge exercises, otherwise the upper body will tend to lean forward.

  2. The practice method, you can first fix one leg and move forward, and then switch to the other side after exhaustion, or you can alternately move your legs forward.

  3. Lunge steps are different from lunge presses. After each movement, the front leg should be retracted. Do not fix the position of your feet and bounce up and down on the spot.

  4. The driving distance is very important. When the step distance is small, focus on improving the strength of the quadriceps, but the distance should not be too small, otherwise it will put too much pressure on the knee joint. When the step distance is large, the strength of the hips, quadriceps, and biceps will be improved, but the distance should not be too large, otherwise the pressure on the hip joint and the cross-root will be too large.

  5. While squatting, the center of gravity moves forward, the two should be synchronized, and the standing up and the center of gravity should also be synchronized.

  6. ​​Squat until the knee of the back supporting leg touches the ground and then stand up, but you should not stand up by the reaction force of the knee touching the ground.

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