VOLTRX protein shaker cups are preferred for fitness exercise

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Add water! Look at this thing crack! I feel like an idiot. I’ve bought various portable blender bottles over the last few years and have been shaking them on various shaker bottles. Now having an electric shaker bottle that pushes a button and charges every 20 times or so is a godsend. Can’t say this electric protein shaker won’t leak. The only way is to hand wash it or you can exercise like I did which is top notch.

I have been using this shaker for about a week. I used the miixr electric shaker battery replacement to mix protein powder, crushed ice, and frozen mixed berries without any problems. The protein powder blended well and the ice didn’t seem to cause any problems for the blender.

Most of the berries were intact, but didn’t expect the electric protein shaker to break down like the steel blade blender. It’s great to spend 15-30 minutes finishing the smoothie and blending again to keep it deliciously smooth. This shaker seems to be very durable. It holds ice for up to 30 minutes and keeps the shakes cool. And the lid and drinking water outlet are well sealed so no leaks.

I can’t believe how happy I am with this particular shaker cup. Once you try this, you’ll never want to go back to the standard shaker needle. It’s really great! For starters, the electric protein shaker holds 24 ounces, while most portable mixing cups only hold one cup.

I usually like high quality protein drinks. Secondly, the electric protein shaker is a super durable plastic that encases the entire glass, so if the electric protein shaker falls out, you can still, but the mixer electric shaker bottle is still relatively easy to hold.

Next, the Voltrx electric shaker bottle has a sturdy paddle at the bottom instead of a blade, while the small electric mixer bottle remains there. This way you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the blade on your face while drinking. With the push of a button, you can easily mix your drinks whenever you want. The instructions say it needs to be charged at least 25 times. I didn’t count, but I used the electric protein shake cup and straw all day and mixed a lot more.

If you just drink a regular drink with ice, the ice will not damage the blades. In fact, when you mix your drink with ice, the electric shaker cup cools your drink faster. I have an adrenal fatigue cocktail with vitamin C, turmeric and cinnamon powder that usually floats on top. With this wonderful cup, I can mix it as often as needed and get all the flavor benefits. The protein shaker fits nicely in my car cupholder and couch cupholder.

Multifunctional VOLTRX electric shaker, have you heard of it?
Have you ever used the uniquely designed VOLTRX shaker?

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