Voltrx glass shaker bottle is the best shaker bottle I have ever used

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  For many years, I have been using a vibrating screen to mix bottles and wire balls. When they finished their work, I was very satisfied with them. But handling and cleaning the ball is a bit cumbersome. It’s time to buy another protein shaker bottle to stir my protein shake. I met a bad dog on Amazon. At first I doubted it. More than 20 bucks for plastic bottles? Actually

  But then I started thinking about balls, so I decided to give it a try. If the result is not good or trash, can I keep returning it? Well, the moment I received the email, I opened the package, cleaned it, and then put in the nutrient powder and some warm water and started shaking. To my surprise, there were only a few steps of shaking and almost no strength, and the contents were completely mixed together. Then, to clean the top and bottom, just quickly rinse in the sink. It is simple to use and easy to clean.

  This building is really good. The bottom is made of high-quality scratch-resistant plastic, which looks exactly the same as the container part of the Vitamix electric shaker bottle. Durable and easy to clean. The top is soft plastic, but it also looks good. I have read in previous comments that people have problems closing the top of the spout. If there was a problem before, it won’t work now. My lid is closed, you just need to make sure you press it hard to lock it in place. As for the smile, I shook it and shook it on the sink to see if it would remain closed without fingers. But I don’t do this often, I just keep shaking and put my fingers on the lid.

  I like this shaking protein shaker bottle. Purchase satisfaction.

Easy to use and easy to clean voltrx pink shaker bottle
Great, I want to buy another electric shaker bottle for my family

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