Easy to use and easy to clean voltrx pink shaker bottle

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  This is the only Shaker Bottle I have tried. I am glad I chose this. The plant protein powder I use is mixed with almond milk (not completely mixed with normal milk), and only a few particles float to the top-no big deal. It is not easy for me to clean-although I occasionally have to use a knife to remove material from the cracks under my hat. Bottle brushes, such as the nectar ultimate bottle and grass brush cover, are very useful for cleaning the bottom “corner” and these cracks on the bottle cap, but if I don’t clean the electric shaker bottle overnight, I only need to ask for help! Just cover the mask The hinged flap is securely stuck in place, and the top of the screw will not leak. Some commentators complained that the flip cover was only opened 90 degrees when it was partially opened, making it difficult to drink.

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  Bought in May 2019. There is no such problem with my protein shaker bottle. When you turn 90 degrees, the car will stop in reverse, but as soon as you push, it will turn back 180 degrees. Use your index to prevent it from turning over because you drink. To press the upper cover part firmly in place to seal the mouthpiece, press the upper corner of the hexagon firmly on the top of the flap, not the center of the hexagon. There is a mark on the top of this flip (which will be washed off soon), which tells you where to pull the flipped object-the “bridge” between the curved thumb and the opposing finger between the hinge and the part covering the microphone Below, push your finger up. It’s really much simpler than I thought; I only list these things to the confused person with this bottle. I only drank it for a month, and I can’t say that it lasts for a long time, but it can still be used normally. Fortunately, you can find a good electric shaker bottle without trying a bunch of other electric shaker bottles. Sincerely recommend.

voltrx custom shaker bottles, it really works
Voltrx glass shaker bottle is the best shaker bottle I have ever used

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