voltrx electric shaker bottle is very suitable for many purposes

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  I like these electric shaker bottles very much. I have bought some electric protein shaker bottles. They do what they say. I can break down my protein shake without any problems, and I have no leakage problems. But then I really finished eating and tasting quickly, so it was not like walking around with a backpack full of liquids. Love plums. Great color. I hope this will prevent my husband from taking it a bit. But this may be just wishful thinking.

  I use the electric mixer bottle as a cocktail mixer, because the electric shaker bottle is cheaper and the effect is the same. This is good because it is easy to see the amount of each wine and/or liqueur added, and it shakes beautifully and even produces more foam than my French Martini. There is no leakage. I am very satisfied with this product. I might buy it again.

The voltrx electric shaker bottle is by far the best invention
The voltrx protein shaker bottle works very well. Very efficient.

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