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plastic shaker bottle

  When my 12-year-old son wanted this Christmas, I was suspicious, but he couldn’t be more excited. After breakfast, he was faltering, he decided to bring an electric shaker bottle. He said he likes it because it is his own personal cup and he won’t change anything. It is easy to clean, and I haven’t found any scum. If he wants to, I will definitely change this project.

  Pour out the liquid first. Second, add your protein powder. Third, hold it firmly (be sure to press the top of the hole firmly until you hear a click). The fourth shake. If you operate in this order, there will be no hard blocks at all. Fifth, wash immediately with cold water and a few drops of detergent. If you forget to dirty the electric shaker for a day or two, when you finally turn on the vacuum cleaner, it will smell like rotten eggs.