VOLTRX electric mixer bottle blends protein more easily

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I’ve been using these Voltrx quality electric protein shakers for years. Not just because they serve the intended function of a protein shake quickly after a workout; even like a regular beverage container. I also bring a smoothie to work in a protein shake bottle every morning. Use these for almost everything.

My wife used to go to work without breakfast. By lunchtime, she was clearly hungry… Her nutrition and health were unsatisfactory. She bought several of these electric protein shake bottles, and didn’t drink a protein shake in the morning at work. She ate something for breakfast and didn’t starve at lunchtime. I absolutely love these mixing bottles. I buy different colors and two sizes. They can go in the dishwasher.

I have put the protein cup blender on top of the dishwasher again and again with no problems. They never leak and are tough plastic. The color is beautiful. The only problem I have with them is that if I drink it cold it condenses on the outside. So I always put it on coasters or folded paper towels. The blackube electric protein shaker is of good quality and worth the extra money.

You can find cheap knockoffs elsewhere, but I can assure you the quality won’t be as good. I tried something cheaper. If the shake is too thin, it seems to run off the sides. I don’t know anything about this brand. Regardless of the consistency, the shake stays in the bottle until I finish it.

These plastic shaker bottles are expensive in terms of look and feel. High quality shaker. These vibrators are great. I like the choice of colors. I bought these glass protein shake jars and a decent sized blender jar. You can track your water usage by the measurements on the protein shaker. They don’t refrigerate anything, but I don’t mind drinking water at room temperature.

Is electric protein shaker good for life as a gift?
Years of fitness experience, the first time to use such an easy-to-use electric shaker

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