VOLTRX blender bottles works well

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  These protein shaker bottles are really easy to use. I always put the powder in, then throw the shaker bottle into my gym bag, and then add water at the end of the exercise. One thing I hate about protein powder is that some protein powders always seem to stick to the bottom of your cup. This product solves this problem. A few seconds of vigorous shaking will dissolve all the powder in the cup. The lid closes quickly (although it requires some effort) and looks very safe.

  I am 24 years old and I have seen many of these,but I have never bought it,because I am a cheap bastard, and because I have never used a protein shaker. I improved for a while and started to add, so now I have a use case. I received mine today. The quality is surprisingly high,you can use shaker bottles, and it is not as annoying as I thought. ——The shaking made things more than I expected. And nothing will be missed. Considering the shape and the necessity of violent shaking, I am a little worried.

VOLTRX shaker bottle is the perfect investment to stay hydrated this summer!
Excellent VOLTRX electric shaker bottle product! I use Vega protein powder

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